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La fabrique de l’action publique dans les pays ‘sous régime d’aide’

Looking at Public Policy in Africa

Philippe Lavigne Delville
p. 23-32
Cet article est une traduction de :
Regards sur l'action publique en Afrique

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en novembre 2017.


Development Policies, Development Projects: Internationalised and Extraverted Public Action
Public Policy, Public Action and Governability: the Special Issue

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What does it mean to speak of public action and public policy in Africa and more broadly in countries “under an aid regime” where international aid, its institutions and its funding play a structuring role? Does looking at development policies and interventions long-studied by the socio-anthropology of development through the lens of public policy provide new insight?

Titled “The Making of Public Action in Countries ‘Under an Aid Regime’”, APAD’s 12th international conference aimed to debate these questions, both by gathering recent research on classic topics in the socio-anthropology of development (local-scale development interventions, public and collective services, etc.) and by exploring still-new subjects such as how aid policies and national public policies are produced and negotiated. It also aimed to de-compartmentalise research on these topics, between the socio-anthropology of development, the political sociology of public policy, and political science.

This special issue...

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Philippe Lavigne Delville, « Looking at Public Policy in Africa », Anthropologie & développement, 45 | 2017, 23-32.

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Philippe Lavigne Delville, « Looking at Public Policy in Africa », Anthropologie & développement [En ligne], 45 | 2017, mis en ligne le 01 novembre 2017, consulté le 22 octobre 2017. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/anthropodev.541

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Philippe Lavigne Delville

Socio-Anthropologist, Director of research with the IRD and President of APAD

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